LIVEO is liquid (drops), powdered and capsular lactic and bifidobacterial products for different age groups – from newborn babies to adults. 

To develop and produce LIVEO, we cooperate with the world leading manufacturer of bacterium - the Danish company Chr. Hansen, from which we purchase concentrate bacterium. Bacterial strains L. rhamnosus LGG and Bifidobacterium BB12 from Chr. Hansen underwent global extensive research and possess proven properties. Innovative packaging of LIVEO ensures stability of products and viability of bacterium during the product shelf-life.

LIVEO products are available in pharmacies throughout Latvia.

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NATEO D drops and NATEO D capsules help enrich everyone, from babies to adults, with so necessary vitamin D. 

Those who prefer vitamin D in drops will certainly select Nateo D drops with a convenient dropper and easy-to-use product dosage system. And for those, who like capsular products better, we would offer Nateo D capsules 2000 and Nateo D capsules 4000 – you can choose different concentration and package types.

Research conducted in Latvia showed that vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem experienced by numerous Latvian citizens. And we are deeply satisfied that we can offer a good solution of this problem!

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CARBIVA is granular activated carbon packaged in special water- and moisture-proof bags. Derived from high-temperature processed coconut shell, activated carbon CARBIVA possesses perfect absorption properties. One bag contains an optimum single-dose amount of activated carbon, so there is no more need to take handfuls of carbon tablets.

Granular activated carbon CARBIVA has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, it is freely soluble, being an excellent solution for adults and kids. It is composed of ingredients of 100% natural origin, and is suitable also for vegetarians and vegans.


From the very beginning of its business, LLC Sagitus cooperated with manufacturers of medical products all over the world, importing and distributing single-use medical products – syringes, infusion system, gauze, cotton wool, catheters, etc. in the territory of Baltic countries. Many years’ experience helps ensure high quality of products at reasonable prices acceptable in the local market.


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